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Two Recent Giant Equipment Projects Loaded, Safe and Sound
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We, Jiangsu Sunshine Int’l Logistics Co., Ltd, loaded two projects in the late January and the early February, 2016.

The first project was to ship several petrochemical towers for CNOOC, among which the biggest one weighed 571tons with dimensions 6000x76406x48mm, from Penglai, Shandong province located in the north China to Huizhou, Guangdong province located in the south China. To get the job done, we had overcome a lot of difficulties such as the 76meters length making it hard to transport from the factory to the port and hard to be loaded on board as well, the unpleasant weather(strong winds at the loading port), the short delivery date, and so on.

The other project came with two petrochemical furnaces, weighing around 190ton each, roll-on and roll-off at both ends, from Nantong, Jiangsu province to Huizhou, Guangzhou province. As it is dry season now, the draft issue at the port becomes a headache for the heavy cargo transportation, especially for RORO. To ensure the job could be done smoothly, we checked the tide schedule for local waters and had done a lot of surveys at the scene. The hard work turned out worthy and gave us the perfect timing for loading. Cargo was delivered beautifully.

Pictures of the two recent projects are attached here.



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